iPhone 3.0 - What's new?

Since officially announced as the iPhone 3.0 software for the latest generation iPhone, what capabilities and services this new smart phone, start to appear in various media.

There are two new innovations that make iPhone more powerful than previous generation.

The first is the FM transmitter. Apple will say install the iPhone, including the iPod touch with a chip that is given the name Broadcom BCM4329. This chip later, able to support 802.11n wireless capacity, and is compatible with a lower model, the 802.11b / g. This change makes the iPhone will be faster in the Wi-Fi connection, and to hear the radio signal can further and clear.

Video editing features into speculation that the most bustling be discussed lover iPhone. If this feature is so installed, the user can perform editing, scrubbing, and clipping at the same time. So, making home-made video to be more interactive.

In addition, there is a rumor that the new generation of iPhone software, iPhone will support video quality with High Definition (HD). This is very interesting, the iPhone, the smart phone for the lifestyle, because the iPhone will be more captivating, if you see video from sites like YouTube, with high quality.


  1. accordance with the expensive price, the consumer should get the comfort in use


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