Facebook Update through SMS by 3

3 GSM network operator offer facebook services in the mobile phone via SMS and MMS. To use this service, customers are charged Rp 5 thousand per month.

To update their Facebook status, the 3 customer must send SMS to 32665. To view the status of your friends, add new friends, agree to call a new friend, Facebook and other functions performed in the same way.

To activate the Facebook mobile, customers have to login to www.facebook.com, in part Facebook.com/mobile and enter the mobile phone number.

Facebook at this time is a social networking site that most trends in the world. Users of this site reaches 200 million people from all over the world. As of March 2009 the number of Facebook members in Indonesia to more than 1.4 million.

Indonesia country that has become a member of Facebook in most of Asia and the fifth in the world after the U.S., UK, Italy and Canada. According to Google Trends data, the number of members increased the rate of 40% during 2008. It was placed Indonesia as the country with the growth of the number of members of Facebook's most rapidly in the world during 2008.