Increase Traffic and voice sms at End of Year

A significant traffic bump both voice and SMS, especially in a year occurred 2 times, namely at the time of Lebaran and the turnover year. Previous Lebaran relatively more secure, it seems the service is considering the increase in cellular traffic, so that the customer complaint is not too significant.

Traffic to the wordiness of this year, the increase of traffic is dominant in the SMS service, the service almost all feel, especially the service that has been establish that Telkomsel, indosat, excel and flexi. Traffic average rose 100%.

At the moment the turn of the year again, the Operator will need to remain vigilant, although it does not increase traffic at the time of lebaran. Average increase of traffic on the moment of the new year compared to 50% on normal days. Network Operator tested both in the Core Network and Vas network.

Two or three years ago, the biggest operator in Indonesia had experienced interference in Intelligen Network at the turn of year, a drop in the VAS its service is operator. Hopefully this year all in the service more readily, so the customer a better telecommunication services.