Ring Back Tone (RBT), Who Get Income?

Cellular subscribers are considered "Katrok" (borrow term "Tukul Empat Mata") if do not know Ring Back Tone (RBT). Almost all operators offering the service. With the name FlexiTone by Flexi, Telkomsel using Nada Sambung Pribadi (NSP), Indosat with the name I-ring, RingGo's Fren and other.

Ring Back Tone service is a feature of the form of music or song as a ringing tone on hold. Simple working principle. When customer A call the customer B, and customer B is already doing the registration RBT, then Mobile Switching Center (MSC) Operator B switch will wait for the tone of the ... tut tut ... to the server machine or RBT. Next RBT server recognizes that these customers to subscribe to the songs / music with a specific ID. RBT Server ordered RBT player to play the song / music according to the required ID, so that a customer will be heard.

Cellular operator works with the Content Provider (CP) to provide snippets songs, the condition at this time each operator has an average of not less than 10 thousand songs. Content Provider usually work with the Company Recordings (Label).

The average cost to subscribe RBT per month ranged anatara 6 - 9 thousand. When the average 10% to 20% of customers use RBT service, and how can dibayangakan revenue (income) earned?

Of course that will get the money are: Operator, Content Provider, Labels and Artists. Future business is still very promising.