Telkom Indonesia Introduces New Digital Products in DigiSummit 2017

Telkom Indonesia conducted TelkomGroup DigiSummit for the very 1st time last year in October.Similar with last year, this year, Telkom also conducted TelkomGroup DigiSummit 2017 on November 22-23, 2017 in The Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta. The theme for TelkomGroup DigiSummit 2017 is “engage today to shape tomorrow”.

Bapak David Bangun Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Telkom Group on his welcome speech said that  Telkom wants to engage all of partners and customers to go together, grow together and be part of Telkom digital ecosystem in shaping the future, providing a better digital lifestyle by leveraging Telkom differentiating assets and capabilities.

Welcome Speech by Pak David Bangun

In that event, Telkom introduced 6 new digital products. 2 of them are in the area of B2B, they are xsight and xooply. The rest, 4 of other products are in B2C area. They are: USearch, AimRight, Hoobex and Oona.

Pak Joddy Hernady on DigiSummit 2017 Intoduction Speech

Here are the products overview based on speech of Pak Joddy Hernady Senior Vice President of Media and Digital Business Telkom Group.

XSight is self service portal for Big Data and API, providing some of big data analytic and API. Telkom big data is the largest so that it can provide a various smart insight to help business grow, accelerate speed to market with high efficiency both in the same or different industries with Telkom. The API will provide playgrounds for developers and start-ups in order to maximize technology innovation with ready-to-use APIs.

This B2B e-marketplace is basically the marketplace for all kind of enterprises. But in addition to this, this unique marketplace is also prepared specifically for the purpose of State-Owned and Regional Government-Owned Enterprises (BUMN/D) procurement processes. Unlike most of e- Marketplaces that are mostly vendor-driven, can also optimize spend information from the buyer’s perspective, therefore increasing the effectiveness of order, delivery, and payment.

DigiSummit 2017 Telkom Group

AimRights is platform to deliver an non intrusive mobile advertising. The engagement with the mobile users is based on permission from the user. User will have to receive their ads. The It can be at incoming call, end of the call, incoming SMS, or at location based and time based. Aim Right can deliver interesting message content/ad to a highly targeted population with capability to select best target audience profile for each different content/ad.

USeach is also called Positive Search. It is a safer browser for our family and children. USearch is unique as it has been able to screened and prevent negative search subjects such as pornography, gambling, phishing / cybercrime, racial intolerance, or proxy, for the convenience and optimum benefit of internet/search engine users, particularly for the youth group. By having this search, we can protect and control our family member to have a safe internet content as well as \ control our students behavior when surfing the website.

Hoobex is a basically developed as a digital hub where music and movie lovers can enjoy their best experience for discovery their entertainment's preferences
A hub will act as a single interface for the end customer supported by a strong mediation platform of Telkom key capabilities such as zero/dynamic rating, single sign on, big data analytic, and payments.

The hub will produce a better experience to the user in enjoying the music and video contents starting with its journey from search, discover, buy, use, pay and get support. Improving customer journey to enjoy entertainment provided by Telkom OTT partners is becoming key proposition to this product

OONA by Telkom  Indonesia is basically intended as a total game changer in all media and entertainment industry in Indonesia. Providing a qualified entertainment contents by free to combat the piracy and unregulated OTT with technology and giving a great opportunity for TV channels and content owners to get access to over 135,000,000 consumers and drive strong new revenue from the market. Affordable data pricing, high penetration of smartphone, hours of current time to watch video are amongst the ingredients that could drive this initiative successful platform and the platform is becoming important for the future of the industry.

With Pay TV at 5-7% penetration, OONA by Telkom Indonesia is capturing the All entertainment OTT market starting 2018. Telkom will work together with all TV channels, content providers and agency as well as brands to realise this new idea and new ecosystem. Hence, aligning the
power of OTT for Free and Pay-TV together since we also believe this free model will also drive the growth in pay model at the end.

Telkom MDB, Metranet, Melon and AimRight Team

These Telkom new products will give a better user experience to users, and give also a healthier and higher productivity to the businesses and industries which at the end could improve our quality of life.