Role of Title Tags in SEO

At one point or another, prospective clients turn to the web in search of specific products and services of interest. Title tags play an important role in helping position a client towards the right direction. These title tags give the client a series of available options on the internet. Title tags have quite a significant role in search engine optimization (SEO).

Proper tags help make your website more visible to search engines which translates to increased traffic to your site. For this reason, the right title means the difference between rising views and sales. Titles should be enticing and straightforward enough to grip the client’s attention. The client clicks on the title, leading them to explore further on your website to find even more than what they were initially looking for.

To get a better understanding of how title tags work, here are some pointers on how to achieve the best titles for optimum results.

Short titles
Google search engines tend to favor short titles. These titles should be made of at most 60 characters. It is advisable to include the name of your company or product at the beginning of the title.

For example:
George’s furniture (17 characters)

Avoid keyword stuffing
The notion that stuffing of keywords is the way to achieve best SEO results is inaccurate. It is best to refrain from keyword stuffing in the title. Clients may end up irritated by the abundance of keywords in a website as opposed to meaningful content that offers the client information. Going through your content can help organically deduce an excellent title that can prove even more effective in increasing traffic to your site.

Use Meta descriptions
Below the title comes a sub-title often referred to as a meta description tag. This works to give more supporting information of the main title. It doesn’t in any way alter search results. A meta description tag helps encourage the client click further through the website to find out more about the company or product. For instance;

George’s furniture is a 100-year-old family business based in Dallas, Texas. For all your office and household accessories.

Some pages may gather fewer clicks compared to others on your website. In such a case it is imperative that you alter these pages’ titles into ones that will help improve performance. Best title tags can help increase traffic to your site and hence boost your business significantly.