Easy Ways to Make Facebook Covers

The growth of facebook users in the world increased sharply. Currently the number of Facebook users has reached more than 1 billion. The latest innovation from facebook is a timeline on the profile, in which there is a facebook covers.

Facebook covers can be made according to your wishes. But sometimes you have difficulty to make it. Now there is a solution that is through website foobcovers.com. Foob will take your photos and text and give you back a stunning, personalized Timeline cover you can use to pimp out your Facebook profile.

The way is easy, there are two options, please select:
  1. If you have your own idea, click on "Post job" and desribe what you want. Then sit back relax and watch designers from all over the world bid on your project.
  2. If you are looking for inspiration, click on "Browse cover themes". Here you can select a facebook covers theme and have it customized by its designer with your photos / text.
 With foob.me, you will easily make a Facebook Covers of your dreams, please try.


  1. nambah ilmu baru niihh,,maksih bnyak yaaa gan..

  2. nyoba dulu deehh,,makasih bnyak udah share..

  3. jadi lebih mudah bikin cover timelinenya, pilihan kategori covernya banyak. tinggal di generate aja. Bagus banget infonya, makasi Pak


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