Toshiba Launches Tablet to Challenge IPAD

Toshiba Corp. goes fight in competition with Apple iPad by launching a tablet computer device.

Tablet computers made by Toshiba has a screen width of 10 inches and runs with Honeycomb 3.0 Android operating system. Toshiba states that new homemade gadgets available at the beginning of this year and will be exhibited at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA.

Tablets which certainly has a touch screen feature is capable of playing high-definition video, web browsing, doing a variety of games and read eBooks.

Its weight is quite light, only 0.7 kilograms and embedded processor Nvidia Tegra 2. Internet connectivity can be made via Wi-Fi, but unfortunately have not been able to connect to a cellular telephone network.

As tablets in general, made by Toshiba tablet is also equipped with a camera facing forward and backward, as well as access to the store application. The plan, these tablets will be sold at a price of U.S. $ 499.

"This is the first tablet and we will continue to develop a family of tablets,"said Jeff Barney ,general manager of Toshiba's digital products in America .

Sales of tablet devices globally this year is estimated at more than 50 million units. Some competitors are already challenging the war against the iPad, including Samsung with Samsung Galaxy Tab, and that will be the data are Playbook from Research in Motion (RIM), and Hewlett-Packard. Until now, Apple has sold more than 12 million units in 2010 iPad.


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    With Motorola, Asus, Vizio and an army of rival manufacturers joining the Android tablet PC party, it’s unsurprising to see LG and T-Mobile’s long-rumored G-Slate jumping on the bandwagon as well. Among the first 4G high-speed wireless network-compatible slate computers powered by the tablet-optimized Android 3.0 (codename: Honeycomb) operating system, it also predictably comes bursting at the seams with Google applications. The one running constant between dozens of these devices, Honeycomb promises a slick interface seemingly tailor-made for oversized screen sizes, including streamlined notifications, robust widgets, intuitive multitasking and customizable homescreens and shortcuts. Improved Web browsing with tabs, private Internet surfing options and Google Chrome bookmark syncing is promised as well. While additional details are presently slim, expect the device to ship chock full of software programs such as Google Talk (voice/video chat), Google Books (digital reading) and Google Maps (navigation) that capitalize on its more finger-friendly form factor and brisker broadband access.


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