Yahoo! Plans to Close Delicious

Because of continued financial pressures suffered, Yahoo reportedly plans to close a number of websites which is no longer a core business. Information closure plan is spread from an internal slide Yahoo! who published on the internet.

Some of these sites, among others, Altavista, Delicious, AllTheWeb, and Yahoo Buzz. AltaVista and AlltheWeb is a search engine service providers. Delicious is a social bookmarking service that was popular when the blog began bustling use. While Buzz is a news aggregation site.

"We continue to evaluate and prioritize the portfolio of products and services, and plans to close some of the products in the coming months," said a spokesman was quoted as saying the site Yahoo! Wall Street Journal on Thursday (12/16/2010). He said, Yahoo will focus on its core business based on the demands of the future as to the application of mobile devices.

Plan for closing several such sites appear shortly after Yahoo! sacked 600 of the 14,000 employees. However, Yahoo! spokesman refused to comment whether the dismissal was related to site-site closure plan. Closure plan is increasingly strengthened open interest that Yahoo! like to buy another site. However, rather than making it grow, but turn it off.