Telkom and SK Telecom to Feorm Digital Music Company

PT Telkom Indonesia creates a joint venture with SK Telecom of Korea. The company is named Melon (Melody On) which moves in the digital music service.

In addition to providing quality music to be downloaded, melons also allows unlimited streaming music. Operation is supported by Telkom ICT capability and skills management, management of the music business for many years conducted by SK Telecom in Korean online music market.

With a total investment valued at USD 5 million, and total mastery of 51 percent stake through a subsidiary, Metra, Telkom will take the role of marketing and sales services in the domestic market, supplying the network, billing, and product bundling. Telkom will also leverage its brand position of the dominant and strategically to develop synergies between companies in the Telkom Group as well as take advantage of a strong distribution channel capacity.

On the other hand, SK Telecom with 49 percent ownership stake, with an investment of USD 4.9 million, plans to mobilize support with a solid management capabilities in building a business platform DCEH (Digital Content Exchange Hub), provides the sources of digital content and managing service operations .