Google Launches Place Search

Place Search Google launched a new feature that displays search results based on the location or place.

Google search engine users can track the presence or activity in various places, for example where the location of Chinese restaurants in the city of London and others. Location-based services, which looks like this foursquare can also display a Google Map and reviewing the results of search on the list of sites that appear on the screen.

In his blog, Product Manager Place Search, Jackie Bavaro said this service will allow users to specify their destination because in addition to displaying the map, this feature has any information or references about the place.

"You can make comparisons and decide where to go," he wrote. In addition, the Place Search also added a new link on to refine search results.

"With the Place Search, we can link up to hundreds of millions of web sites with more than 50 million locations," he said. When the user enters the name of the site or a specific place, Bavaro said, the Place Search will automatically identify the location or whereabouts.


  1. Is this new? Thought this was already part of Google Maps?

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