WiMax 2 Mobile Broadband to Reach 330Mbps

At an exhibition in Japan, Samsung Electronics demonstrated the WiMax 2 technology, which can transmit data up to 330Mbps speed. The plan, these tech products will be present next year. Interestingly, this technology is mentioned backward compatible with existing network infrastructure today.

In collaboration with UQ Communications, in the demo, Samsung said, the IEEE 802.16m technologies capable of displaying full HD video three-dimensional and four large-format display on the system and WiMax devices.

Demo itself is conducted on a commercial WiMax mobile base station Samsung, the same base station that has been used 60 WiMAX operators worldwide.


  1. For 4G technology, there are two standard, namely WiMAX and LTE.

    I think LTE will dominate the market, because supported by many operator and network vendor, also cpe.


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