Trial Data Communication via USB LTE Successfully

Marking an important milestone in the commercialization of TD-LTE, Samsung and Nokia Siemens Networks successfully perform TD-LTE data call first in the world. Calls made using a prototype device users.

The demonstration was to prove interoperability of TD-LTE network solution from Nokia Siemens Networks with a USB dongle TD-LTE from Samsung.

The test data call TD-LTE, which may be used for high-definition video services, conducted in the R & D Center, Nokia Siemens Networks in Hangzhou, China.

Call use TD-LTE infrastructure, Nokia Siemens Networks, using Multiradio Flexi Base Station solution and core network solutions, including the Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway). All using the software in accordance with the specifications of 3GPP LTE.

Samsung's TD-LTE devices are used to verify interoperability between devices and networks. TD-LTE is a variant of LTE for the unpaired spectrum is expected to be used by carriers like China Mobile.