SCH-W960 - First 3D Mobile Phone Samsung

A new mobile phone display with 3D (three dimensional), recently presented by Samsung in the State of origin, South Korea. Cell Phone SCH-W960 with this code have to be able to display the 3D button 3D content without using a tool bit.

This phone is said to have 3.2-inch sized screen WQVGA AMOLED, Views TouchWiz 2.0, 3.2 MP, Dual DMB (T-DMB and S-DMB), Bluetooth 2.1, dictionary electronics, maps, emails, and microSD slot up to 16GB. In addition, Samsung's 3D mobile phone also has a telecommunications network WCDMA/HSUPA, GSM 900/1800/1900MHz, and weighs 119 grams.

Samsung still has not provided information about the launch and the price will dibanderolnya. But according to the information we can, these phones will soon glide by SK Telecom, which was holding.