What's New in the iPhone 4G?

IPhone 4G prototype success obtained by the technology blog Gizmodo. Compared with the previous generation iPhone, of course, this latest version has many features and changes about its physical manifestation.

Unfortunately about the software, not much can be revealed by Gizmodo. According to the person who discovered it, this prototype based on iPhone OS 4.0. But when it comes at the hands of Gizmodo, the Apple remote is successfully turned off the phone.

Here are some changes there in the iPhone 4G as quoted from Gizmodo, Tuesday (20/4/2010):

What's New?
  • Addition of a video camera chat
  • Better rear camera, lenses larger than the iPhone 3GS
  • There was a flash camera
  • Use of Micro-SIM
  • The screen is better, is considered much higher resolution than the iPhone 3GS. Gizmodo has concluded after examining several components associated with the screen.
  • There is a secondary mic for noise cancellation
  • Separate keys for volume
  • A power button, mute and volume of metallic clad.

What's Changed?
  • The back really flat
  • There are aluminum on all over the edge phones
  • Display a little narrower than the iPhone 3GS but higher resolution
  • More weight is 3 grams than the iPhone 3GS
  • 16 percent greater battery