Hosted BoD - Blackberry Enterprise New Service from Indosat

Indosat to bring BlackBerry Service who claimed the world's first BlackBerry service through On Demand (Enterprise) Hosted.

Through these corporate services, customers can directly activated by simply sending an SMS, so customers can directly sync or connect with an existing mail inbox on their computer and can access the Global Address e-mail containing the same office as contained in the inbox customer computer.

BoD Service (Enterprise) Hosted offered with two options, namely BOD service (Enterprise) Hosted by the ability of the MDS (Mobile Data Service) and without MDS. BOD (Enterprise) Hosted by MDS (Mobile Data Service) is a corporate service with features of Corporate Blackberry Browser to access the office intranet. Applications that can be accessed from the MDS includes all applications running in the corporate intranet for example approval absenteeism, access to the application of financial reporting, etc..

Meanwhile, the services of BOD (Enterprise) Hosted without MDS, then the corporation only has the standard features of BES is a two-way synchronization of email, calendar, memopad, tasks and contacts without having to access features for intranet applications.