Unofficial BlackBerry still Dominates The Market

BlackBerry TourAlthough Indonesia is known as 'BlackBerry Country', was an unofficial BlackBerry devices still dominate in Indonesia.

According to the GM Sales XL, Handono Warih, the portion of the official BlackBerry on the market still could not beat the BlackBerry portion originating from an unofficial source distributors.

"About the comparison is 60 versus 40 percent," said Warih in Jakarta, Monday, March 8, 2010. Nevertheless, these portions are better than last year.

According to him, the official BlackBerry device experiencing a significant increase compared to last year. "Now, the composition began balanced, not too lame as last year," he added.

In addition, of course, was not separated from the increasing number of operators who provide BlackBerry services also become the official distributor of these devices. "This increase was also supported by the rapid growth of new BlackBerry users who buy through the service."

According Warih, the percentage for the official BlackBerry device increases due to high interest and encouraged users will trust the value-added services provided official BlackBerry, as a bonus to the official warranty Research In Motion (RIM) for services and service providers.

Society, it's considered more intelligent in choosing the device that RIM officially with warranty. Until now, there are more than 800 thousands of BlackBerry users in Indonesia

As a vendor BlackBerry device maker, RIM considers handsets sold outside authorized distributors (the operator) is the BlackBerry illegal. However, the government rate, for BlackBerry devices in circulation has imported parent number importers, they can be traded.

Each has advantages and drawbacks. The unofficial cheaper but do not get warranty, while the official, more expensive but can guarantee.

Last year, Warih said, unofficial BlackBerry ratio and the official is 75 to 25. "It's much better," he said. Now, there are six operators that are formally marketing the BlackBerry device and its services, namely Indosat, Telkomsel, XL, Axis, 3, and Smart Telecom.