Opera Mini 5 Beta is Available for Android

Opera MiniOpera Software has recently launched the latest beta version of Opera Mini 5 for the Android platform.

"Opera Mini will provide access to Android users quick and cost efficient to the site and their favorite Web services," said Dag Olav Norem, Vice President of Products at Opera Software.

According to Norem, Opera Mini 5 Beta for Android, giving the Web browsing experience is fast and cost-efficient for each handset-based Android platform.

This browser interface was simple and easy, as using the Opera browser on the desktop computer. Its features include Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, password manager, and bookmarks.

Also, do not miss all the other mainstay features such as download manager and Opera Link.

Download manager Opera Mini allows users to download files through a browser, to pause a download at a time, and continue the download it at another time.

While the link allows synchronization Opera bookmarks and speed dial between the computer with the Android mobile phone users.

Opera Mini is the browser used by more than 50 million users around the world. This browser can surf the web on almost all handsets, with the compression data up to 90 percent before sending content to mobile phones.

Compression is, says Opera, which then can increase the speed and the loading of pages significantly. In Indonesia, the Opera browser is a mobile browser that can be practically very popular.

According to StatCounter browser ranking site, about 80 percent of mobile phone users in Indonesia using the Opera browser. While the Nokia handset a user's browser to take portions of about 14% and 2.6% of the BlackBerry.

Currently, Indonesia is the second largest country using Opera Mini, after Russia.