Indosat in cooperation with Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) Launch Mentari Taiwan

Indosat in cooperation with Far EasTone Telecoms (FET) launched the Pre-Paid Card Mentari Taiwan. Target Taiwan Mentari card users are Indonesian citizens living in Taiwan, especially the Indonesian Manpower, amounting to around 120,000 people.

Services available to Mentari Taiwan card is now voice services (voice), SMS, data and services following Value Added Service (VAS) such as ring tones Indonesian songs, and also content news about Indonesia.

Mentari Taiwan is a prepaid card's Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), one of the operators in Taiwan by using the brand owned by Indosat 'Mentari' to be used in Taiwan. Mentari Taiwan card is very useful for communications cost savings to Indonesia because of international call tariffs (SLI) is more efficient to call Indosat (Mentari, IM3, Matrix and StarOne) in Indonesia compared to calls from other operators in Taiwan.

Indosat Cooperation with the FET is not limited to Mentari Taiwan services, but also as a fellow member of the Conexus Mobile Alliance, Conexus Mobile Alliance was one of the largest mobile alliances in Asia, founded in April 2006. The Alliance was formed to develop and enhance international roaming and corporate mobile services to improve the comfort and ease of use for its members and customers.