HTC Indonesia will launch HTC Legend in April 2010

HTC Legend
Although only a month ago launched a Hero HTC phone, HTC Indonesia again prepares to launch the next Android phone, HTC Legend, next month.

HTC Legend is the latest Android phone made by HTC who recently launched globally in Barcelona, in the event Mobile World Congress 2010, February 14, 2010. While HTC Hero is the best phone in 2009, which won awards Global Mobile Award at Mobile World Congress 2010.

Legend has many advantages compared with the Hero, including lighter weight, which was adopted screen AMOLED technology, a faster processor (600 MHz), and RAM memory capacity of a wider (384 MB).

HTC or abbreviation of High Tech Computer is the vendor Taiwanese smart phone that also made the phone to various vendors and large operators such as T-Mobile, Cingular, Sony Ericsson, and Google.