Google will Come Out of China on 10 April 2010

Google ChinaSearch engine giant, Google is reported to immediately cease its operations in China on April 10, 2010. If proven, then the Google statement in January to leave will actually be realized.

The statement expressed in Bussiness China Daily News some time ago. Google did not agree on the desire of the government of China wants Google to censor any political related searches such as the tragedy of Tiananmen Square or the independence of Xinjiang.

Previously, Google was furious with China caused by hackers who broke into a number of gmail accounts belonging to the human rights activists and foreign journalists. Thus was launched the AFP, Jumat (19/3/2010).

"We have studied and an investigation that Google will leave China on April 10, but we have not received a confirmation from Google to this point," wrote China Bussiness News, citing sources from Google's ad agency partners.

Some ad agencies are also partners Google has previously sent a letter to the giant search engine, so Google does not shut down ( closure would threaten their business, when will leave from China, Google was asked to give compensation to be provided by Google.

The letter was sent by the 27 companies that sold the rights to advertise on Google pages. This letter was sent on Monday, March 15, 2010 to head Google's China marketing team, John Liu. This letter was also published in the pages of China official television station.