4G and Android become an Important Issue at CTIA Las Vegas

CTIA Wireless 2010 event in Las Vegas, United States, had just ended yesterday. Here are two important issues that plague the event which began on last Monday's.

The presence of mobile phones capable of supporting WiMAX networks have been waiting for. In Las Vegas, HTC and Sprint service finally showed the form that phone. His name HTC Evo 4G. Samsung and MetroPCS announced a phone that actually supports the LTE, the SCH-r900.

Android again. As at CES and Mobile World Congress, Android is also a major issue in the CTIA. There, exhibited the first Android phone from Nextel, Kyocera, Dell, and Samsung Galaxy S. HTC Evo 4G also managed to run Android version 2.1 with success.

In addition to the two, of course there are many exhibits of accessories and wireless services offered by various vendors in the arena. The vendor did not miss the phone, still displaying a brand-new products with technological innovation respectively.


  1. sekarang android emang bener2 menjadi tren yang gak bisa lepas dari lifestyle orang2 ye..


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