World Wimax Users Reaches 800 Million at End of 2010

Wimax AccessWimax providers currently have been able to cover more than 620 million people in more than 147 countries around the world. Even this number is predicted to increase to 800 million until the end of 2010.

This figure, for the WiMAX Forum is an amount that was encouraging. Moreover, later in the year 2011, WiMAX Forum predicts an increase Wimax users to 1 billion.

"Wimax network grows at a pretty exciting stage despite weakening economic conditions. However, as the existing population, WiMAX ecosystem will continue to show good results to start a new step in this 2010 year, to meet the global needs of high-speed broadband access in some developing countries and that are building, "said WiMAX Forum President Ron Resnick, as quoted by Cellular News, Wednesday (17/2/2010).

One operator, who is determined to give Wimax service, is Clearwire. Telecommunications network providers will be poured 4G services in several cities in America in 2010, including New York, Houston, and San Francisco bay area. Of the service, Clearwire is expected to be able to attract approximately 120 million people until the end of 2010.

"Our expansion plan will meet the needs of broadband in America, and will become an example proof of the success of 4G technologies will we offer to the world," said SVP Global Standard and Clearwire Corp., which is also a member of the WiMAX Forum.

Earlier in February 2009, WiMAX Forum is also targeting this technology capable of covering 800 million people around the world until the end of 2010. However, the estimated number count does not include the potential for WiMAX in Indonesia, India and the Philippines. These countries had just auctioned Wimax frequencies in each country.

"Wimax itself has considerable potential in Indonesia because of the current new about four percent of the 240 million citizens have access to fixed-line infrastructure, and less than 2 million of the population who have broadband access," said analysts from research firm Maravedis 4G Counts Team, Basharat Ashai.

Recently, more Basharat, approximately 73 telecommunications companies participating in the WiMAX spectrum auction and only produced eight winners. Most of the winners are expected to build a Wimax service in early 2010.