Samsung N150, The First Netbook that Supports LTE

Samsung N150Although not the largest supplier to netbook or notebook in the world, Samsung products are always presented to the forefront of innovation.

Having previously introduced a transparent notebook, now South Korean vendor became the first in presenting the netbook, which supports a network of Long Term Evolution (LTE) or also known as 4G. N150 series netbook is to be upgraded with Kalmia LTE modem chip.

Netbook LTE will be introduced by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, along with Wave smart phone operating system made by Samsung itself, Bada. By Samsung, this netbook is claimed is supporting 4G netbook first in the world.

Quoted from Hardware Zone, Kalmia is a modem chipsets that support this 4G network connectivity is made by Samsung itself. Samsung is known as a hardware manufacturer to see if the chip to LTE will be more commercial in 2010, and Samsung wants to capture these opportunities.

In addition to increasing network, this netbook really do not have different specifications with netbooks in general. Like the 10-inch display with LED-backlit. Processors are still using the Intel Atom lawas, while the HDD able to accommodate up to 250GB, DDR2 1GB RAM, Bluetooth and wi-fi.