Firefox Mobile on the Nokia N900

Firefox MobileMozilla browser, Firefox for smart phone platform finally confirmed on the Nokia N900. Mozilla promises interesting features in the browser. N900 users now can download it from the firefox site.

The browser is known as the Fennec is designed to resemble the same features as the version on the computer screen. Therefore technology used is also similar to desktop versions, including the HTML rendering technology.

Mozilla on the Nokia N900 are considered appropriate. Given the N900 is a mobile phone handset with a performance superior to software based on Linux, Maemo. With Maemo 5 in the body, users of the Nokia N900 can have dozens of open windows and applications that run simultaneously.

More profitable again, Maemo software can be updated automatically whenever the phone connected to the Internet.

In addition to releasing for Maemo platform rumored, Fennec will also aim Android users in February next. Mozilla claims ready to release a Beta version of the application for the Android platform in the near future.

Firefox is known as the second most popular Web browser in the world after Internet Explorer.