CDMA iPad and iPhone will be Coming Soon

iPad CDMAAlthough last week, Apple is only present iPad with special 3G data services at AT & T in the area of the United States, tight get out that the hardware manufacturers will present a model for CDMA Verizon network.

Silicon Alley Insider claims to get information from their sources at Verizon. Reportedly, as quoted from the Apple Insider, February 2, 2010, iPad is currently in progress.

iPad, which was launched last week to support 3G networks. If the news is accurate, iPad CDMA version seems to use different hardware version than the device that will be marketed throughout the world. The iPad special 3G AT & T itself was going to attend the next 3 months.

In the iPad launch last week, some Apple executives said that they are satisfied for their cooperation with AT & T. Apple also dodged speculation that the iPhone will be available through several operators at once, in the United States.

Still, some analysts believe that the Verizon version of the iPad will be present in the near future. CDMA version of the iPhone will appear in the second half of this year.

Cooperation with Verizon, both for the iPad or iPhone product, likely to be expressed at Worldwide Developers Conference this summer. Scheduled, WWDC 2010 will take place in San Francisco, June 28 until 2 July.