Nokia X6 16 GB will be Launched in this Quarter

Nokia X6 16GbOnly a few months since the launch of its mobile X6, recently Nokia released a newer version, the X6 16GB model.

Unlike its predecessors, with a capacity of 32 GB, X6 16GB is not equipped with unlimited music downloads service from Nokia, Comes with Music.

But with the internal storage capacity of 16 GB, this phone is enough to store around 5500 tracks.

Otherwise, this phone uses 3.2-inch touch screen with the Symbian operating system 60, a camera resolution 5 megapixel camera, two LED lights flash, and quad-band GSM and tri-band 3G.

The phone is also equipped with a browser and Flash Lite animation applications. To guide the location of this mobile phone also includes GPS equipped with the latest Ovi Maps with voice navigation, to accompany the trip in a vehicle or on foot.

Nokia claims the phone can last up to 18 days in standby mode, and 11.5 hours of talk time. Meanwhile, when used to watch videos in a non-stop, it was able to hold up to 4.5 hours, and for listening to music can burn up to 35 hours.

For entertainment, this phone provides several games like Spore, Asphalt4, and DJ Mix Tour. 16 GB X6 is available in four colors namely white with yellow highlights, white with pink highlights, all white, and all black.

According to GSMArena, in Europe, the 16GB version of the X6 is marketed with the official price 100 euros, much cheaper than the 32GB version, which is about 400 euros. But, you must be willing to lose the WH-500 headphones which only exist in Comes with Music package.

In preparation, Nokia only give information that the phone is going off in the first quarter of this year.