Nokia Targets 40% Marketshare in 2010

NokiaNokia targets able to reach a market share of approximately 40 percent in 2010, with selling approximately 500 million units of mobile phones around the world.

Nokia confident able to sell approximately 500 million mobile phone units this year. This figure is greater than market expectations, which predicted the Nokia only able to sell approximately 459 million mobile phone units in 2010. While in the year 2009, Nokia was able to sell approximately 424 million units.

"In 2010, Nokia will ship approximately 500 million units of mobile phones through three existing platforms. The numbers are able to generate approximately 40 percent marketshare in the world," said the director of the mobile unit of Nokia Rick Simonson, as quoted by Economic Times, Tuesday (5/1/2010).

This is a prediction that Nokia launched since last December 2, 2009. At that time, Nokia targeting market share growth of approximately 10 percent.

Simonson also added, the operating system in the fight mobile market will reach its peak this year. Unfortunately, Simonson predicted, only about four or five operating systems it will be able to compete in the mobile market, or half of the operating system that now exists and reached number 10 species.

Although already survived with Symbian OS and the control of the mobile market in the last few periods, Nokia tried to use Maemo, which has been launched recently with the Nokia N900.