Microsoft will Launch a Mobile Phone

Microsoft PhoneAnalysts predict Microsoft will launch own brand mobile phones in two months. Prediction that adding a long word on the truth of Project Pink.

According to media reports, Jefferies analyst, Katherine Egbert predicted, Microsoft will launch their own mobile phone.

Egbert says Microsoft phone is likely to be published at MWC in Barcelona in February. The phone can also be introduced at CTIA in Las Vegas in March.

According to Egbert, Microsoft worked with several mobile phone manufacturers to develop a similar type of phone with Zune.

The phone is provided the ability to play high-definition video, and is equipped with at least 5 megapixel camera.

He pointed to joint production is similar to mobile phones Android Nexus One who is an agreement between Google and HTC.

In addition, Egbert revealed, the phone will be based on Microsoft's operating system Windows Mobile 7. In other words, Microsoft will release a mobile phone with Windows Mobile 7.

Egbert called Windows Mobile 7 will have some specific mobile services, including Zune video store, music booking service, Facebook and Twitter and the application of SNS.