LG Introduces Mobile Phones for Social Networking

LG GT540LG introduced one of the latest smart phones, mobile phone named LG GT540 claimed by LG as a special mobile social networking. South Korean vendors are introducing phones as part of the successor to LG GW620.

Just like its predecessor, LG GT540 using Android, as the operating system on their phone. As a mobile social network, the handset was added new tools that users can surf to use social networking more freely again, like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo.

Reporting Phone Arena, Saturday (9/1/2010), this phone is designed LG for users who have firsthand experience in using a smart phone. With simple themes, but decorated with a variety of colors including additional impressed by the traditional design, making LG GT540 worth held.

Supplement other than the widget, is a 3 MP camera, MicroSD memory that can accommodate up to 32GB. This does not include the additional touch of a dynamic interface.

Not yet known what price will be fixed phones introduced at CES 2010. But clearly, Samsung's competitors will take it off to the public in April 2010.