iPhone 4G will be Released April 2010

iPhone 4GThe fourth-generation iPhone, Apple smartphone will reportedly be released next April. The news is not coming from a source within Apple in the U.S. but from South Korea.

Executives from Korea Telecom (KT) said about it. The second largest telecommunications operator in South Korea it is currently the exclusive iPhone partner in South Korea.

"We do not face barriers to introducing the iPhone 4G here, considering all the legal issues are resolved. Possible launch device will be performed in the first half of this year," said KT officials who refused to be named, as reported by Korea Times, Tuesday (12/1/2010).

Rumors iPhone 4G development has evolved since the last few months. Devices mentioned earlier is an evolution version of the iPhone 3GS. Among other displays, OLED (organic light emitting diode) which shows the contrast ratio is more sharp and unaffected by sunlight when used outdoors.

iPhone 4G possibility of using a battery that can be removed easily. In addition, there is an additional camera for video streaming. Its ability is also likely to be more reliable with dual core processors and graphics cards are more sophisticated.

Sales of iPhone in South Korea by KT for this, including successful. Since the introduction of November 2009 until January 7, 2010 has sold 220,000 units of iPhone 3G. KT CEO Lee Suk-Chae set a sales target of 500,000 units of various types of iPhones until the end of this year.