Google to Fix 3G Connectivity in the Nexus One

Nexus OneGoogle reportedly is improving the software on the phone operating system Nexus One. Corrections focused on the 3G network support in Nexus One.

Previously, since it was launched early January 2010, many users have complained about poor Nexus One to support 3G networks of the operators.

"Our experts have found specific issues regarding these issues and we have improved the software on this Nexus One and 3G connectivity will improve on some mobile users," said a Google employee named Ivan in a Google forum Nexus One, as reported by Cnet, Wednesday ( 27/1/2010).

Ivan said, the whole process of testing the 3G connectivity improvements "Nexus One" has been implemented. "Google will soon provide software updates to Nexus One in the coming weeks," said Ivan

"3G Nexus Connection One is now able to operate a maximum, unless you are outside the 3G area," said Ivan.

In the United States, Nexus One has sold approximately USD529 and sold directly to consumers without an exclusive partnership with operators. But the number of users who use T-mobile service admitted the difficulty to connect using 3G networks.