Game, Popular Mobile Applications

Mobile GameFrom research by Gartner, game applications is the most wanted application. After that followed the application shopping, social networking, and applications support productivity.

The results are expressed by Stephanie Baghdassarian, a researcher Gartner.

"All applications will continue to grow and record the velocity of money is more and more," Baghdassarian said, as quoted by Information Week, January 21, 2010.

Furthermore, Baghdassarian explained, smart phone users, especially the hi-end users, is a prospective customer for mobile applications paid. This is in line with the growth of their confidence in the security and electronic transaction mechanism.

"Therefore, they become a user who is expected to continue to buy the paid applications are considered useful and support their needs," Baghdassarian said.

On the other hand, the decline in the price of smartphone, will create a new market of non-inhabited user or tech-savvy users mid-low end. The character of this segment tend to select applications for free.

"As a result, this particular segment, advertising becomes very important as a source of income, especially for application developers," Baghdassarian said. "So, however, smartphone sales growth does not mean that consumers will spend more money for shopping application, but will expand the market addresable for advertisers, "he said.