First Day, 50 Thousand iPhones Sold

Vodafone iPhoneVodafone just markets the Apple iPhone for the first time in the UK. On the first day, one of the largest operators in Europe was announced that the number of pre-order the iPhone reached fantastic figures, which is 50,000 units.

However, Vodafone claims will strive to be everything will go smoothly despite the potential network traffic has increased very rapidly. This is expressed considering its competitors, O2, recently experienced problems because of dense traffic burnt out.

"So far, feedback from our users, no problem. Networks perform very well" Vodafone spokesman said, as quoted from the V3, January 16, 2010.

"IPhone is not a smart phone vain, and our network is ready to serve," the spokesman said. "We have prepared a large volume of data, so we believe there is no problem to handle the high demand for the iPhone," he said.

Although the iPhone is now available on three network providers in the UK, including Vodafone, Orange, and O2, Vodafone admitted not interested in starting a price war, or follow the pattern of customer contracts owned by other operators.

"People think there will be a fierce price war when they know we also sell the iPhone. But, we think this is not about the price war, but more on a good quality competition, "said the spokesman.

Last December, O2 network in London admitted overwhelmed in dealing with the explosion of data traffic for smart phones including the iPhone users. This causes the quality of the network 02 in some areas became very bad and disappointing customer.