Android OS will overtake RIM and Apple

AndroidFuture predicted Android operating system will be bright. Predicted market share will continue to increase, even going to be one of the largest in the world.

This prediction made by research institutions, IDC. According to IDC, the operating system (OS) Android will grow faster than its competitors.

Currently the lead in the smartphone operating system market world is Symbian, which is widely used in Nokia smartphones. Followed by RIM's OS and Apple OS.

While the market for the United States (U.S.), Symbian OS is not too bright. U.S. market dominated by RIM and Apple, while in the third position there is Windows Mobile, made by Microsoft.

However, competition would predict change. Android OS will continue racing, and in the year 2013 would be the second largest in the world. This means that Android will conquer its opponents such as RIM and Apple.

One key strength Android, is that this OS can be used widely by various mobile phone manufacturers. Not like RIM and Apple are limited in their use of their artificial device.

"Although there are many operating systems on the market, not many opportunities for device manufacturers who do not have their own software," said Stephen Drake, IDC analyst.

Quoted from Cnet, Tuesday (26/1/2010), in addition to beat Apple and RIM, Android also believed to be capable of inhibiting the development of Windows Mobile, because it is free and open source software, while Windows Mobile requires a license fee. So the possibility of mobile-phone maker will prefer Android.

Android stretching actually starting to feel right now. Some mobile phone manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, and Samsung has adopted the operating system made by Google.