Samsung, Mobile Phone with Lowest Radiation

The experts to this day still debating the impact of mobile phone radiation on the user.

Some research says there are enough mobile phones safe to use, but others argue that the radiation produced by mobile phones could be an adverse impact on its users.

Research data for 10 years conducted the WHO world health organization says, there is a link between mobile phone use in the long term with an increased risk of cancer and tumors.

A recent study led by Elisabeth Cardis strengthen these arguments. The results mentioned, there is an increased risk of brain tumors by 18 percent. Increased risk of brain tumors is associated with the use of phones in a long time. Such information is quoted from Hot Hardware, Tuesday (29/12/2009).

To be safer to use mobile phones, there are several companies that offer the SAR Shield, which is an additional tool that can be paired to the phone of any kind. SAR Shield is claimed to reduce the effects of cell phone radiation up to 89 percent.

Through the results of this study, known also that Nokia dominates mobile phone with a list of 20 highest radiation, followed by Blackberry and Motorola in the next sequence.

The experts named the Samsung as a mobile safe enough to use. Phone made from Korean vendors dominate the list of 20 phone with the lowest radiation.