4G/LTE First Services in the World Launched in Stockholm

LTEFourth-generation telecommunications services (4G), with the Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology for the first time it is commercially launched by TeliaSonera in cooperation with Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden, Monday (14/12). This commercial launch earlier than previously planned targets.

LTE is designed to move the amount of data is very large in a way efficient, optimize bandwidth usage, and lifting speed as fast wireless access using optical fiber. In any case, customers can enjoy online services for both HD video media, network games, and other multimedia services with ease while moving.

LTE networks built Ericsson reach all parts of Stockholm city center and is the largest LTE coverage so far. Ericsson to supply TeliaSonera LTE system (4G), including LTE-based radio station, which is part of a recent series RBS6000, an Evolved Packet Core network, including mobile backhaul solution successor SmartEdge 1200, multi-access unit is the latest EDA button, and a solution operations and system management. LTE system is based on 3GPP standards for radio technology Long Term Evolution (LTE) and the Evolved Packet Core technology (EPC).