ZTE Received Award For Best CDMA Equipment Vendors

ZTEZTE Corporation, provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions received the award "Best CDMA Equipment Manufacturers in the World for 2009" from research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

Award announcements made in the event the Enterprise Communications Summit & Awards in Shanghai, China. The award is intended to assess the performance of CDMA devices provider in the service area, research and product development, and innovation.

Since 2006, ZTE leads the global sales of CDMA products. In the first three quarters of 2009, shipment volume has grown sharply over 85,000 units or more than 170% of the total annual shipment in 2008. SDR base-stations is the most products sold by ZTE of this year.

According to Frost & Sullivan, ZTE has taken over Alcatel-Lucent at the top of the global CDMA market by reaching 29.3% market share.