Tri Operates Hydrogen BTS

Tri BTS HydrogenTri is adding more base transceiver stations (BTS) on hydrogen. BTS is located in the area of Pondok Gede, Bekasi. With the operation of this BTS, Tri now has 10 hydrogen-powered BTS.

Alternative energy technologies used for BTS tower is hydrogen, using hydrogen Tues clean energy, pollution free, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. Hydrogen Energy Tues itself was first used by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administrasion) and continue to grow until the present. This Tues Hydrogen Energy will be replacing conventional diesel generators that caused a lot of smoke and impact on ozone layer depletion. Results disposal of hydrogen energy cells produce only water that is not harmful to the environment.

Another advantage gained from the operation of the BTS Tues Hydrogen Energy was increased electric power, providing backup power more durable, and also save maintenance costs. This hydrogen fuel will be used in 200 base stations Tri, spread over the island of Java and Sumatra.