Q3 2009, XL Achieved Revenue Rp. 9.8 Trillion

Logo XLMobile operator Excelcomindo Pratama (XL) to record the business income of USD 9.8 trillion in the third quarter (Q3) 2009. Compared with the period last year, the business income of the year on year (YoY) expressed growing 7%.

Income growth, one of which is triggered by an increase in the number of active base sucscriber (Revenue Generating Base - RGB), which still contributes ARPU (average revenue per user) for the company.

XL until the third quarter of this year recorded a total subscriber base 26.6 million subscribers, increasing by 6% YoY. Of the total number of existing subscribers, RGB active customers who recorded 25.2 million subscribers, up 17% in YoY. Meanwhile, the rest is 1.4 million subscribers who are in grace period.

RGB is an active customer, one of which contributed income by the number of phone calls with outgoing minutes 63.4 billion minutes, up by 67% YoY. The rest, achieved revenue growth of other service features.

Along with income growth, XL also gained 3% YoY growth in EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) amounted to Rp 4.2 trillion, with EBITDA margin of 43%.

XL until the third quarter of 2009 has had 18,790 base stations, both 2G BTS and Node B for 3G.