Ericsson Helps Indosat To Improve LBS Service

Location Based Service IndosatEricsson to provide location-based services (location-based services) to 29 million Indosat Subscribers.

Indosat customers will find content related to location, enabling it to get instant traffic information, and can see where their family members are, or even receive information about public safety.

The business world can use this location-based services to deploy services for its workers to be more efficient and improve the management of working groups. Working group management application will typically require the services tracked the vehicles used by corporate personnel along their route, besides that, the service is location-based services will increase comfort, such as information about the sale cheaper in the stores closest to the user.

Location-based services can also be used for emergency purposes, where an emergency application which will show the location-based locations where users are going directly and immediately forward the information to the authorities. Applications, location-based services can also be used as a tsunami warning and earthquake.