10 Applications to be Booming in the Future

Mobile ApplicationsResearch firm Gartner issued a list of 10 mobile applications that will boom in the future, especially so on market share mobile internet users continues to grow.

However, from Gartner released the list is not all surprising because not all of them belong to a new application. The reason is because, the technology has not been adopted widely used and the technology is still experiencing growth.

And following a full list of 10 mobile applications in future versions of Gartner:
  1. Money Transfer: This refers to people who send money via SMS messages. As payment via mobile, this service has more appeal in the growing market for now.

  2. Location-based services: location-based devices such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) will become increasingly popular in the future. Gartner said this will be one of the most developed technologies in the future, with a growing user base of 96 million in 2009 to 526 million in 2012.

  3. Search Engines: Search engines on the phone is not new, but on mobile platforms, it may have increased again. Gartner predicts that consumers will depend on the popular search engine on the desktop such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to be formatted through the phone.

  4. Mobile Browsing: Gartner say that mobile internet access technology will be widely used in the future than the sound. But in a note to Gartner, mobile Web browsing capabilities, only 60 percent. In 2013, that number will increase to 80 percent.

  5. Mobile Health Monitoring: The latest technology which still need time to develop the market, a mobile health monitoring, according to Gartner, is still too early to get to the more mature.

  6. Payments via Mobile: As transfers via mobile phones, such payments helped develop a more rapid change. However, even as new services to grow, Gartner acknowledged there will be a challenge.

  7. Near Field Communications (NFC): This feature is more popular in some European and Asian markets than in the United States, because the NFC is a standard feature on many mobile phones today.

  8. Mobile Advertising: Also not new but growing fast in mobile advertising is one of the most important ways to make money on mobile content. Total spending on mobile advertising in the year 2008 was USD530, 2 million and it will grow to $ 7, 5 billion in 2012.

  9. Mobile Instant Messaging: Instant Messaging, Gartner said the market has conducive to the future.

  10. Mobile Music: If you have the iPhone, would become commonplace. However, what about the others? Gartner said that starting to see new models are innovative in this field and bundling models.