Nokia lost of U.S. $ 832 million

Nokia CDMANokia has just put out three quarterly financial report, is not encouraging, loss of U.S. $ 832 million. This report is a very drastic decline when compared with the same reporting period last year. In the third quarter of 2008, Nokia obtained a profit of 1.09 billion euros.

This decrease is due to a drastic decline in sales. Sales of Nokia phones that achieved in the quarter ended September 30 and that, just the number touched 9.18 billion euros, or down 20 percent from the previous year's sales reached 12.2 billion Euros.

However, The market share Nokia is still strong, because Nokia is still dominated to 38 per cent of mobile phone sales worldwide, is still the same as market share this year's second quarter and same quarter last year.

Nokia losses this time are also not separated from the large losses caused by network equipment unit of Nokia Siemens Networks. Business units formed since 2007 has forced Nokia to issue a Euro 908 million.