Consolidation - Trend in Wireless Mobility

Girl - Wireless MobilityConsolidation continues to be a major force in the wireless ecosystem among both wireless providers and their network infrastructure partners.

In 2005, the top five wireless carriers controlled 83% of the U.S. cellular market; today including Verizon Wireless planned purchase of Alltel, the top four carriers could control more than 90% of the market. Whether it is AT&T Mobility picking up Dobson or Verizon Wireless uniting with Rural Cellular Corp., a handful of operators control the wireless landscape.

As the big carriers get bigger and the small get bought, the world’s infrastructure companies have had to consolidate in order to compete for business from fewer customers.

While 2007 marked the year of powerhouse matchups between first-tier network vendors (most notably French powerhouse Alcatel with New Jersey’s Lucent and Nokia’s networks business withthat of Siemens,) look for more second-tier suppliers to merge in order to maintain the critical mass needed to continue to offer product to their network and carrier customers.

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