Telkom Ready to Handle Lebaran Traffic

Posko Lebaran TelkomGroupPT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) said the company network and infrastructure has been prepared for the jump in data and voice traffic during Eid holidays.

State-owned telecommunications products that a.l. home phone, Telkomnet Instan, TelkomSpeedy, TelkomFlexi, and Telkomsel.

Telkom will be more emotionally involved with customers through the establishment of "Posko Telkom Peduli" on the H-7 to H +7. This "Posko Telkom Peduli" is provided public services (ta'jil and mineral water, rest, relaxation with massage and P3K), information services, and public services (product activation, free phone and internet, the map around, also general info such as hospitals, police, restaurants, houses of worship, and gas stations).