Indosat Users Spend 18 Tb Bandwidth Every Day

Gadis Cantik di BlackBerryIn year-on-year traffic data communication Indosat this year to reach 18 terabit per day, the state had been increased 119% when compared to data communications traffic in 2008.

Indosat currently has 28.9 million cellular subscribers, six million users 3G, BlackBerry 150 thousand subscribers and 500 thousand broadband modem IM2 users.

When compared head to head with traffic in the previous year, Indosat's data communications traffic is experiencing the highest increase in spike compared to voice calls and short messages (SMS).


  1. Percentage of subscriber growth are much higher than percentage of data traffic increment.What's going wrong? Too expensive or no coverage?

  2. For Indonesia People, now they like using voice and sms. But Data Access user start to grow. This is a oppurtunity for telco operator and content provider.

    Price will be down, and coverage for voice it's ok now, but for data, need to expand.


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