Flexi and Esia Get Additional Frequency Channel

Esia and Flexi FrequencyTelkom and Bakrie Telecom (BTEL) has filed an official request about the use of the channel in 1019 as an additional channel for networking services Flexi and Esia in 800 MHz frequency band.

Proposals from both operators fixed wireless access (FWA) has been accepted by the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulation Agency (BRTI). And BRTI has approved this proposal.

1019 Channel is a channel that is located right next to the left and side by side with Telkom's 37 channels to areas outside Jakarta, Banten, West Java (JBJB). Meanwhile, the channel also adjoining the channel in the area JBJB of BTEL.

Before the addition of this channel, Telkom and BTEL each only have three 5 MHz-wide channels with national coverage FWA license. With this addition, they can be expanded based data services Opimization Evolution Data (EVDO).