BlackBerry Essex - Dual On: CDMA and GSM

BlackBerry EssexHas appeared again the latest variant of the BlackBerry. After yesterday's BlackBerry 9700 specifications that have not been revealed officially launched, Research In Motion (RIM) have introduced the BlackBerry Essex.

Seeing the physical, the latest variant of this one resembles the BlackBerry Tour, aka the BlackBerry Niagara, aka the BlackBerry 9630. It's just more advanced specifications than the previous variants. Because, Essex has completed Wi-Fi technology.

For Essex, RIM is no longer choose Bold keyboard style, but style chicklet keyboard's Curve. While his navigation, Essex comes with the new trackpad, providing more alternative choice to the users who love the trackpad instead of a trackball.

BlackBerry Essex, will be one device predicated World Phone, given the capabilities that are able to work not only on CDMA networks, but also GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS. Thus, in North America, a strong rumor circulating that says this device will soon be adopted by Sprint.

For the price, there is no estimate to date. But, most likely, Essex will be sold more expensive than the Tour (approximately Rp. 7 million) and Bold (approximately Rp. 6.3 million).