Bandwidth BlackBerry Most Used To Facebook

Facebook in BlackBerryIn Indonesia, do not think people use the BlackBerry for push email and Internet browsing. Facebook and chat as well as much of spending your data network bandwidth.

Based on a survey conducted MarkPlus from data traffic BlackBerry service providers, 45% are used for email, 45% for chat and social networking, especially Facebook and 10% for browsing.

Chief Brand Consultant MarkPlus, Alexander Mulya, explained, although the percentage of chats with the same email, but basically chat that requires only a small capacity. While email is usually much greater.

This is certainly contradictory to the features possessed by the BlackBerry. Given the BlackBerry push email features that can download or upload large amounts of data.

Blackberry user behavior in Indonesia which this unexpected natural happens. Because the character of Indonesian society more quickly bored and believe in other people's opinions.