AXIS Receives Funds From 'Bill Gates'

AXISGSMA, which represents the agency industry in the world of mobile communications, has announced details of the first four recipients Mobile Money program for people who do not enjoy banking services (Mobile Money for the Unbanked Fundatau MMU).

The funds are managed by the Foundation GSMA (GSMA Foundation, Inc..) With funding coming from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The first four operators who will receive funds from countries that are different, AXIS from Indonesia, Oi from Brazil, Roshan of Afghanistan and SMART Communications of the Philippines.

AXIS project named 'mDUIT AXIS', still in the early stages of execution in Indonesia, and due to be launched in late December 2009. AXIS has a huge opportunity to provide banking services to those who have become customers of the bank via a mobile communication services in Indonesia, because it has been only about 40 million of the total population in those countries that already have a bank account, while about 90 are people in the country it becomes mobile service subscribers.

Later AXIS will provide a range of financial services to consumers via mobile, including payments, savings and loans.

MMU program supported by a grant worth U.S. $ 12.5 million from Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates and working with mobile operators, banks, microfinance institutions, governments and other development organizations to support the expansion of mobile banking services are reliable and affordable for people who not enjoy banking services.

MMU funding provided to accelerate the implementation of mobile money intended for consumers who do not enjoy banking services. MMU receives applications from all operators in the world.